Colleen Kuhn, RD —  Plant Based Nutrition and Self-Actualization from The Nutrition Translator, a Registered Dietitian and Health Coach (#012)

Colleen Kuhn is a Registered Dietitian and Health Coach. Colleen is an expert in Plant Based Nutrition and helps clients incorporate elements of a plant-based diet into a healthy lifestyle. To learn more about Colleen, go to her website or Instagram Listen to Episode #12 with Colleen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Overcast Download Episode […]

Niko Pal – How To Become More Coordinated Through Parkour, Body Mapping, & Holistic Biomechanics (#010)

Niko Pal is Head Coach at Forge Parkour in Portland, Oregon and a practitioner of Holistic Biomechanics. Niko has been practicing and teaching Parkour since 2009 and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Health & Exercise Science. In the conversation Niko talks about the origins of parkour, body mapping, and holistic biomechanics.  Listen to Episode #10 with Niko Pal […]

Understanding Health from a Naturopathic Medicine Perspective – Dr.Lee Poe (#009)

Dr. Lee Poe is a Naturopathic Physician practicing in Portland, Oregon. Dr. Poe combines naturopathic primary care and narrative medicine in a single practice where he provides individualized care that aims to restore health, balance relationships, and prevent disease.  Listen to Episode #9 with Dr. Poe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Overcast. Download Episode #9 […]

Running A Successful Online Business Teaching Sketchnoting – Doug Neill (#007)

Doug Neill is a Sketchnote Teacher, Artist, and Entrepreneur. He has 49,000 Subscribers on his YouTube Channel, VerbalToVisual, and has created 6 successful e-courses that teach students across the globe the craft of visual note taking. Listen to Episode #7 with Doug Neill on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Overcast Download Episode #7 with Doug Neill

How To Start Your Own College – Michelle Jones (#006)

Michelle Jones is Founder, President, and Chief Academic Officer at Wayfinding Academy, a 2-year higher education program located in Portland, Oregon. Prior to starting Wayfinding Academy, Michelle spent 15 years teaching Leadership and Organizational Behavior courses in the traditional college system. Michelle also volunteers as Lead Organizer of TEDxMtHood and SuperThank. Watch Michelle Jones’ recent […]

Finding Your Dream Job as an Engineer and Photographer – Oliver Asis (#005)

Oliver Asis is a Civil Engineer for Caltrans (California Department of Transportation) and also an award-winning photographer. As an engineer, Oliver specializes in Hydraulic Analysis and Design, Roadway Design, and Geographic Information Systems. Oliver’s award winning photography spans across remarkable landscape, architecture, and wedding imagery. Oliver also actively volunteers with HOBY (Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership […]

How To Win 3 Emmy Awards Without Going to Film School – Raymond Tsang (#003)

Ray Tsang is a 3-Time Emmy Award Wining filmmaker who runs a film production agency called Only Today. Only Today has created work for Facebook, Lyft, ABC, Showtime, ESPN, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Microsoft, Adobe, Apple, T-Mobile, and Ikea. Listen to Episode #3 with Ray Tsang on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Overcast Download Episode #3 with […]