Meet The Host, George Mihaly

George Mihaly is a commercial filmmaker who has directed, produced, and filmed projects across the globe for companies including Facebook, Under Armour, T-Mobile, Google, TEDx, and Microsoft. With a filmmaking style rooted in adventure, he’s filmed on assignments including a backcountry skiing expedition in Japan’s Fukushima Prefecture, summiting Mt. Rainer, and surfing in Santa Cruz, California with veteran and active-duty military heroes.

Prior to founding Story Firm, George Mihaly worked with 5-Time Emmy Award Winning Stillmotion as a Creative Producer.

George has lead and developed online education programs, produced filmmaking workshops across North America, and directed and produced commercial projects across Europe, Asia, and North America.

George is also a student and practitioner of gymnastics strength training and hand balancing. George’s movement practice has been shaped through in-person studies with teachers including Ido Portal, Yuval Ayalon, Steve Atlas, Odelia Goldschmidt, Jim Bathurst, and Kathy McNames.