How To Win 3 Emmy Awards Without Going to Film School – Raymond Tsang (#003)

Ray Tsang is a 3-Time Emmy Award Wining filmmaker who runs a film production agency called Only Today. Only Today has created work for Facebook, Lyft, ABC, Showtime, ESPN, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Microsoft, Adobe, Apple, T-Mobile, and Ikea.

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  • How Ray Tsang and George Mihaly met [0:30]
  • Who is Ray Tsang, 3-Time Emmy Award Winning Filmmaker [1:00]
  • Producing a film in Cairo, Egypt [2:00]
  • Flying 600,000 miles [2:40]
  • Why Ray Tsang decided on a career in filmmaking [3:20]
  • Storytelling motivations [4:20]
  • Working on filmmaking projects for Facebook [4:45]
  • Producing films worldwide [5:12]
  • Transitioning from working in finance to working as a filmmaker [7:30]
  • Ray Tsang deciding to drop out of college [7:50]
  • Getting married and deciding to change careers during a honey moon [8:30]
  • Canon 5D Mark II [8:52]
  • Joyce Tsang leaving engineering to become a filmmaker [10:42]
  • Investing in filmmaking equipment [12:34]
  • Starting a filmmaking business without filmmaking experience [13:33]
  • Wedding filmmaking in Los Angeles, California [13:50]
  • Teaching filmmaking at Stillmotion [15:07]
  • Wedding film from Stillmotion [16:30]
  • Working at Stillmotion [17:30]
  • Moving from Los Angeles to San Francisco [18:05]
  • Working for the NFL [18:35]
  • Working on a documentary for CBS Sports [20:03]
  • Game of Honor [21:04]
  • Teaching filmmaking workshops [21:50]
  • Developing work ethics as a teenager [23:00]
  • Work culture at Only Today [25:50]
  • Ray’s Immigrant parents leaving China [26:50]
  • Dropping out of college between sophomore and junior year [30:00]
  • Working in Finance without an MBA [31:00]
  • Ray Tsang winning his first Emmy Award for Game of Honor Documentary for Showtime [33:00]
  • Filming #standwithme Documentary on Child Slavery for Stillmotion [36:00]
  • Filming the NCAA Championships [36:40]
  • Filming Rock The Park TV Show about national parks for ABC [37:21]
  • Kevin May [38:30]
  • Tremendous Entertainment [38:40]
  • Hiking and filming Alaska and Denali National Park [42:00]
  • Telling stories and filming for Facebook Q&A, Mark Zuckerberg and Cheryl Sandberg [45:54]
  • Winning an Emmy Award for Outstanding travel show with Rock The Park [47:58]
  • Ray Tsang starting his own production company, Only Today [50:00]
  • Producing a film with filmmakers in Egypt and Dubai [55:39]
  • Software and communication tools for filmmaking (Slack, Dropbox,, Quip, Whatsapp) [58:11]
  • Dream Job [59:40]
  • Producing Playing with Fire documentary [1:01:22]
  • Producing short form documentaries for Facebook Stories now Facebook Community Voices [1:02:26]
  • Canon C100 [1:08:10]
  • Filming a Canon C100 promotional video in Croatia [1:09:37]
  • Only Today narrative project, Nova [1:11:20]
  • Filming Scuba Diving in Honduras [1:12:09]
  • Filming Operation Surf with Military Heroes in to Santa Cruz, California [1:15:56]
  • Filming Wings Flights of Hope story for Facebook Community Voices [1:16:11]
  • Using fear as fuel [01:23:38]
  • Being an advocate of working with super talented people [01:27:08]
  • Ego in the creative industry [01:27:38]
  • Ray Tsang and Only Today on Instagram and Facebook [01:33:37]