#2 – Chloe Mandell: Lessons in Event Planning and Working at the Olympic Games

Chloe Mandell is an Event Planner Event Director who has worked at the Summer Olympic Games, X-Games, and organizes the Portland Boulder Rally, ranked as one of the top beginner friendly Climbing Competitions in the Nation by Climbing Magazine.

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Show Notes

Chloe Mandell Intro, 0:51
Chloe Mandell on traveling at 5 years old to Japan, 2:30
Studying Abroad, France, Japan, 2:55
World Climbing Championships in Innsbruck, Austria, 3:24
Rock Climbing in the Olympics, Youth Olympics, 5:00
IOC, International Olympics Committee, 5:34
Tokyo 2020 Olympics, 5:54
Living in Japan, 6:16
Chloe Mandell’s Language Skills, 6:39
IFSC International Federation of Sport Climbing, 7:12
What does Chloe Mandell do as an event planner, event director?, 8:10
Starting With Why, Start With Why Simon Sinek, 8:59
Value in Experience, 9:32
Experiences growing in value over time, 11:40
Benefits before, during, and after events, 12:39
Meeting Mikhail Gorbachev, Condoleezza Rice, and Bono, 13:30
Women’s Voices Lecture Series, 13:39
World Affairs Council, International Speaker Series, 14:40
The Value in Hospitality, Being Service Oriented, 16:25
When Chloe Mandell Called The Whitehouse and accidentally hung up, 16:52
Origins of The Portland Boulder Rally, 17:46
Next Adventure Sports Store, 18:20
Becoming Event Organizer of The Portland Boulder Rally in 2013, 19:54
Ashima Shiraishi, Alex Puccio, Sean Bailey, Carlo Traverse at The Portland Boulder Rally, 21:49
Climbing competitions as a way to change lifestyle, 22:40
Portland Boulder Rally as a USAC sanctioned event, 23:20
What type of climbers compete at The Portland Boulder Rally, 24:50
Outside Magazine, Portland Boulder Rally as a top 20 beginner friendly comp, 25:13
Story Firm livestreaming The Portland Boulder Rally, 25:48
Route Setting for The Portland Boulder Rally, 26:10
Fundraising and non-profits at The Portland Boulder Rally, 27:14
Motivation for hosting an event, 28:06
Non-Profit Partnerships for The Portland Boulder Rally, 29:56
First conversations before planning an event, questionnaire, 33:05
Having a clear vision before planning an event, 34:05
Turning an idea into experiences, 34:50
Hosting multi year events, growth strategy for an event, 35:28
Timelines for planning events, 36:17
TEDxMtHood, TEDxConcordiaUPortland, 36:53
Sleep and event planning, event endurance, 37:13
Importance of being detail oriented, 38:40
Chloe Mandell’s experience working at the 2016 Summer Olympics, 39:45
Living on a luxury cruise ship in Rio de Janeiro while working at the 2016 Summer Olympics, 40:38
Developing a process for planning events, 43:38
Working with teams during event planning, 44:01
Working behind the scenes as an event planner and event director, 44:40
Teamwork and event planning, 45:11
Ways to adapt to challenges as an event planner, 45:40
Creativity, persistence, and Google Docs for event planners, 45:57
Sponsorship and event planning, 47:30
Negotiating as an event planner, 47:48
Templates in event planning, 48:11
How to communicate effectively as an event organizer, 48:45
Importance of being a fun person as an event planner, 50:10
Event planners are like swans, 50:51
GMR Marketing, 51:00
Event planners are like swans part II, 51:10
Accountability, 52:34
Finding someones preferred means of communication, 53:12
What makes someone good at e-mail?, 53:20
George’s story about getting an internship in college, 55:30
Benefit of meeting in person and handwriting thank you notes, 1:00:35
Chloe’s advice on asking for what you need, 1:01:19
How Chloe got a kayak for a fundraising event, 1:02:00
Chloe Mandell’s strategy of having leads for departments in events, 1:02:40
Persistence, communication, and humility as important factors for success in event planning, 1:03:26
Importance of mentorship for entrepreneurs, 1:04:00
Entrepreneurs Organization, Michael Knapp, 1:05:03
How Chloe found a mentor, 1:06:23
Challenges of being an entrepreneur, 1:09:24
Books Traction, Start With Why, 1:10:04
Chloe Mandell’s advice for finding a mentor, 1:11:06
Gestalt Method, 1:11:52
Shaun Alcott, 1:12:32
Mercy Corps Northwest, 1:13:14
Oregon Entrepreneurs Network, 1:13:28
How often to meet with your mentor, 1:13:50
Defining success as an entrepreneur, 1:14:53
Chloe’s relationship with fear as an event organizer, 1:15:30
Free Solo Alex Honnold and fear, 1:17:08
Using fear as a propellor as a motivator, 1:17:30
Ragnar Running Event, Trail Running, 1:19:59
Closing Thoughts, 1:20:21