#1 – Greg Bander: Becoming A Champion Muay Thai Fighter & Teacher

Greg Bander is Champion Muay Thai Fighter & Trainer. Greg has trained Muay Thai, also known as Thai boxing, extensively across Thailand, Oregon, and Washington.

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Muay Thai School that Greg Teaches at in Portland, Oregon


Who is Greg Bander?, 1:53
What is Muay Thai?, 2:10
Tony Jaa, Ong-Bak, 2:30
Science of eight limbs, art of eight limbs, 4:00
Difference between Muay Thai and kickboxing, 4:20
Use of elbows in Muay Thai, 5:20
Grappling in Muay Thai, 5:30
Wrestling in Muay Thai, 6:10
Greg Bander’s background in Muay Thai, 6:48
Chinese Kung Fu, Wushu, Wing Chun, Hapkido, Aikido, Filipino Martial Arts, 7:20
Tai Chi, 8:40
Moving to Portland, Oregon, 9:01
Muay Thai in UFC, Muay Thai in MMA, 9:30
Discovering Muay Thai, 12:14
Game of Death, Dan Inosanto, 13:18
Capoeira, 14:01
Moonlighting at restaurants while training, 14:15
Teaching for the first time, 14:37
Sparring vs fighting in competition, 15:11
Competing in Muay Thai for the first time, 15:16
Tips for being a better student, 16:07
Repetition is the mother of skill, 16:50
Portland Thai Boxing, 17:30
Tips for joining a new gym, 17:58
WBC belt, 18:40
Muay Thai in Thailand, 19:40
Facing Fears, 21:44
Fear in Muay Thai, 22:37
Competing vs Sparring Muay Thai, 23:25
Adjusting training leading up to a match, 24:03
Music in Muay Thai, 24:45
Music influences pace of the fight, 26:01
Training Muay Thai in Thailand, 26:33
Why Train in Thailand, 26:43
Traincation, 27:10
How to find a good school in Thailand?, 27:48
Going to Thailand the first time for training, 28:25, 28:51
Aaron Jahn,, 29:08
Muay Thai Fighters from the Golden Era, 29:20
SitChaPo Muay Thai, 29:56
Psit Kambamb, Kru F, 30:15
FeMa Style, 30:44
Sitmonchai Gym Thailand, 30:51
Two Top Gyms in Thailand for training Muay Thai, 31:13
Ido Portal, 31:43
Swedish Muay Thai Fighters, 32:58
The most popular countries for Muay Thai, UK, Australia, France, Italy, Sweden, 33:12
Training Muay Thai for Fitness and Self Defense vs Training for Competition, 35:02
What does a Muay Thai class look like?, 36:00
Krav Maga, 36:55
Muay Thai Schools in New York City, 37:43
Choosing a Martial Art or Choosing a martial arts school, 37:55
Coban’s Gym in New York City,, 38:37
What a Muay Thai Class looks like, 38:59
Age range of Muay Thai students, 40:24
Online Coaching, Distance Coaching in Muay Thai, 41:38
Training with others vs training alone, 42:45
Training at home vs training at the gym, 43:05
Music during training, music in class, 44:40
Weight cutting before competition, weight cutting before a match, 46:50
Diet before competition, dieting before a match, 47:56
Eating clean, 48:31
Weighing in before a competition, weighing in before a match, 49:14
Muay Thai in the Olympics in 2020 Tokyo, 49:56
IMFA International Federation Muay Thai Association, 50:25
Split between men and women participating in Muay Thai, 50:40
Mental Toughness, Women in Muay Thai, 51:15
Tony Deva, Muay Thai Iyrayn, 52:30
What makes a good student? How to become a good student, 54:05
Characteristics of a good teacher, traits of a good teacher, 55:19
Communicating effectively as a teacher, 56:20