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George Mihaly’s Role: Cinematographer, Producer
Client: AcroYoga


George Mihaly’s Role: Producer
Client: Vimeo, Coava Coffee Roasters

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George Mihaly has helped create video content for Vimeo, Gibson, Facebook, Google, Wanderlust Festivals, and several non-profit organizations. He’s been an organizer of TEDxMtHood since 2012 and is passionate about education, technology, and live events.

“George has an deep passion for his work and an incredible attention to detail. He’s a leader more than capable of handling multiple projects and roles all while delivering at a high level.”

-Patrick Moreau, Five-Time Emmy Award Winning Cinematographer

“George pulled through by providing equipment and technical know-how to create a video stream interview out of nowhere — near instantaneously, onsite. His ability to think quickly on his feet and knowledge of technology helped save the day. George can be counted on to rise above the bar and take the lead.”

-Aaron Babst, Program Manager at Google


George Mihaly published the following articles on They are popular educational resources for filmmakers and have been featured by B&H Photo Video, Wistia, and LensProToGo.

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